Magic Flute Garden Ristorante


Saturday and Sunday:


Our award winning menu 


Fried Olives Stuffed with Anchovies                7
Italian parsley and lemon

House Marinated Olives

Calamari Fritti                    
Red Pepper Aioli

Laurel Heights Pizza
proscuitto di Parma, mozzarella, caramelized onions, honey


Add Chicken or Gulf Prawns                        7, 9

Caesar Salad
romaine lettuce, ciabatta croutons, Spanish anchovies, garlic lemon dressing topped with fresh parmesan.

Baby Spinach Salad                                       11
strawberries, red onion, point reyes  cheese, pecans, pecan dressing

Cobb Salad                                                      16
butter lettuce, grilled chicken, bacon, Point Reyes Bleu cheese, tomatoes, avocado, hard boiled egg, red onion, creamy buttermilk dressing

Morton Ranch Steak Salad
butter lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, Point Reyes Bleu cheese, avocado, fresh herb vinaigrette

Pan Seared Wild Salmon Nicoise
mixed greens, green beans, olives, fingerling potatoes, hard boiled egg, tarragon vinaigrett

Fresh Homemade Soup                             
Ask your server for today's selection.



*Sandwiches: choice of homemade fries or green salad

Steak Sandwich
caramlized onion, red pepper aioli, mixed greens

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
pesto, tomato, ricotta cheese,

Half Pound Chopped Sirlion Burger
*cheese, Bacon, Caramlized onions, Avocaado, Sauteed Mushrooms             1.50ea

Grilled Spicy Lamb Burger
cucumber-yogurt sauce, country olives

Big Bowl of Mussels
garlic, Tribbiano wine, fresh mint, lemon aioli served with a tower of homemade fries


Hunters Scramble                                     12
eggs, chicken-apple sausage, mushrooms, fontina cheese, topped with truffle oil served with seasonal fruit, & potatoes

Presidio Scramble                           12
eggs, brie cheese, mushrooms, bacon served with seasonal fruit, & potatoes

Eggs Benedict
English muffin, poached eggs, Hollandaise served with seasonal fruit, potatoes
   Choice of:     
             Ham 12.75   
Florentine 12
Smoked Salmon 16

Smoked Chicken Hash                     14
peppers, hash brown potatoes, poached eggs, and sun dried tomato Hollandaise served with seasonal fruit

Garden Vegetable Omelet                 12
eggs, zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella cheese served with seasonal fruit, potatoes

Magic Flute Quiche                          15
eggs, bacon, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, and spinach served with seasonal fruit, potatoes

Lox & Bagel                                     16
Norwegian smoked salmon, red onion, tomatoes, capers, cream cheese served with salad

Sweet Tooth                                 

House Made Waffle                                    11
fresh whipped marscapone cream, fresh seasonal fruit, maple syrup

Brioche French Toast
fresh whipped mascarpone cream, fresh seasonal fruit, maple syrup

Cinnamon & Sugar Beignets
fresh lemon curd, sweetened marscapone whipped cream

Specialty Cocktails

Bloody Mary
Champagne Cocktail
Pomegranate Champagne


Sparkling Water
House brewed Iced Tea

                                                             Items based on availability

                                                  Menu subject to change without notice

Parties of 6 or more 20%gratuity - $2.50 split charge

Open Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am to 2:30pm

Magic Flute Garden Ristorante
3673 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
Reservations (415) 922-1225

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